Laboratory Information System

The Alpha Medical Laboratory information system offers access to centralised information, which allows physicians, individual patients, and other professionals, to have a real-time approach to their medical testing results.

The Advantages of Our Laboratory Information System

To ensure better reporting of the customer information, our LIS system benefits different organisations with its significant components, which include:

  • Upgrade registration process

Alpha Medical Laboratory has opted for a centralised system in order to gain real-time information about their patients and handle all the required details under one system to offer better access.

  • Improvise collection of samples

Alpha Medical Laboratory boasts a team of advanced technicians and professionals, who have managed to create a streamlined information system. Organisations that are collaborating with us and our customers can have a look at all the information that concerns them, including the collection of samples, the type of testing, and their results.

  • Effective requisition entry

A laboratory information system is a modernised business system standardisation that aids Alpha Medical Laboratory in managing the data of our client/patients with an accurate measure of safety and progress. We guarantee that our online information system is a breach-free space for all our customers.

  • Enhance reporting process

With this system installed, Alpha Medical Laboratory is able to manage thousands of databases of their clients which results in improved on-time delivery and data accuracy for the faster feedback of the reports required by the patients.

  • Online reporting access

This is a modern data reporting system that allows Alpha Medical Laboratory to fulfil our customer requirements by pursuing the process of sample testing and efficient delivery of the data. The results can be collected from the comfort of our customer’s homes and offices. In this way, the patients can have a look at their data, which can be accessed via email or transferred to their accounts.

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